Real estate rehabbing or house flipping is made popular by reality TV shows like Flip or Flop, Masters of Flip and many more. These shows have made house flipping seem like glamorous pits of money. But the reality is different. It is not so easy to find a house suitable for flipping, fixing it up and finding a buyer for it at the right price and still make a profit. Many people end up losing money in a house flipping venture. Some are not even able to sell the house after remodeling it; which ends up becoming a huge burden for the homeowner. This is why we’ll discuss real estate rehabbers near me.

A professional real estate rehabber can help you immensely in a house rehab undertaking. Whether you want to sell your old home after renovating it or you’re buying a house for the purpose of flipping it, a professional real estate rehabber can be a great help. Let us find out why you need a real estate agent for a house rehab project.

Working with someone who knows what they’re doing

Reality shows will have you believe that it’s easy to flip a home with your spouse/partner. But reality shows are often far from reality. If you really want to make your house flip a success, you need to work with someone who knows what they’re doing – a professional. For that, you need a real estate agent with ample of knowledge about the particular neighborhood’s real estate market. They know the right value of properties, and can get a good deal when they first become available. A professional rehabber has the necessary insight into the business and knows how to make a profit. They know the market, the area and how much a home could sell for once it’s rehabbed.

Secondly, you need a contractor who’s good at the rehabbing business.  They can accurately tell you what repairs a house will need before you can commit to the property. This helps in maintaining a realistic budget from the very start.

Legal considerations

A professional realtor would also help you with the legal requirements for a house rehab. While there is no license that you need rehab a home, there are permits that are required for renovating work and for doing anything that involves coming near the gas lines or water mains.

Acquiring the funds necessary for the flip

The major obstacle for house rehabbing for many is the money required. Some of the professional real estate agencies have a house rehab program under which they lend you the money required to remodel the house. We, at Property LA Home Services, extend funds for house rehab under out Cosmetic Repair Program without the need of fico, bank statements or w-2’s. This changes the whole game as once you acquire the funds, your only worry is to renovate the house. This way, you can sell your home faster at the right price and walk away with all your equity. So when you think “real estate rehabbers near me”, you know whom to contact.