How to Successfully Flip Your Home in South Bay CA?

First you want to find a home that is in bad shape, needs repairs and upgrades. A distressed property is a prime candidate weather the home owner is in financial difficulties or property condition is deplorable. However not every home needs to be in a distressed situation we can use the cosmetic repair program to make any home look Brand New.

Done the right way, a house flip can be a great investment.
Flip a House in Easy Steps

“Our Cosmetic Repair Program was designed to help homeowners compete with remodeled homes. It gives sellers a competitive advantage to sell their home faster at an attractive price. With the high prices in Los Angeles many homes have equity but the condition of the home is not at their highest and best use.”

“How the Program Works”…Our Broker is determined for you to walk away with all of your equity when you sell your property. Our ability to lend you money provides instant access to your equity which requires no fico, bank statements or w-2’s. We also have contractors available to you if you desire that are licensed and bonded with reliable services and competitive pricing. The ease of our program is what attracts home owners who feel they deserve the highest and best sale prices. Flip your home in South Bay CA easily with us.”


Each Individual property has a set of circumstances that need to be properly researched to determine if this is right for you.  These are some question that surround each individual scenario:

  • What’s the amount of equity that you have in your property?
  • Fair market value of your home?
  • What is the condition of your home? Has it been recently updated?
  • Determining a budget for improvements?

The goal is to see if this makes financial sense for you to invest in your prior to sale. Reach out to our Professional’s to determine your eligibility. CALL TO ACTION BUDGET ADDED HERE

  • Equity based program
  • No Income check
  • No credit check
  • Low ball offers
  • Property stay’s on market longer
  • Cannot compete with remodeled homes
  • May not get the price you want
  • Time Frame goals may not be met
  • Missing multiple offer situations
  • Elite Top Producing Team
  • Operate as a team for efficiency
  • Unique programs to satisfy clients needs
  • One of the most successful franchise’s in the real estate business
  • Strong on-line marketing presence
  • Call center environment to market or find your home