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Escrow Process / Importance of Title Insurance

Escrow is a depository for all monies, instructions and documents necessary for the purchase of your home, including your funds for down payment and your lender’s funds and documents for the new loan.

Importance of Title Insurance

The purchase of a home is the largest investment most people will make in a lifetime; therefore, the importance of fully protecting such an investment cannot be over stressed. Title insurance is protection which assure that the rights and interests to the property are as expected, that the transfer of ownership is smoothly completed and that the new owner receives protection from future claims against the property. It is the most effective, most accepted and least expensive way to protect ownership rights. We are leading providers of escrow service in South Bay CA.

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Some Of Escrow Duties:

  • Receive signed Purchase Agreement
  • Receive and deposit buyer’s earnest money into escrow acount
  • Serve as the neutral agent and liason/communication link to all parties to the transaction
  • Order preliminary Report to determine status of the property
  • Request beneficiary’s statement or pay-off demand related to existing financing
  • Prorate taxes, interest, insurance and rents
  • Arrange for recording of deeds and any other documents as instructed
  • Prepare final accounting statements for the parties

How does Properties LA Home Services work to make your Escrow Process ?

  • Escrow Service in South Bay CA | Make your Escrow Process Easy
Understanding the escrow process is critical and important for you to make the right choices. In summary, escrow is a neutral third party that hold’s the buyers funds to meet the terms and conditions of a written purchase contract between the buyer and the seller.
Once the escrow agent versifies that all parties completed their obligations under the purchase contract, buyer’s funds pay for the real property.
Properties Los Angeles Services goal is to make your escrow process easy. we will inform, educate, and explain every step of the way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Escrow: What is it?2019-10-17T02:39:09-07:00

Escrow is a depository for all monies, instructions and documents necessary for the purchase of your home, including your funds for down payment and your lender’s funds and documents for the new loan.

Why do I need an escrow?2019-11-14T22:52:00-08:00

Every Real Estate transaction should have an escrow to ensure a safe, smooth, and reliable transaction. Escrow serves more like a witness to the transaction and it is neutral in the dealings.

Escrow: How does it work?2019-12-28T11:29:53-08:00

An escrow is a neutral third party to the transaction that coordinates all the steps needed to close a real estate transaction. It follows all the instructions that the buyer and seller agree in a real estate transaction. When you open escrow the first day, that really means the home is in process of selling.

Who chooses the escrow?2019-11-14T22:54:03-08:00

In reality, it is negotiable who choses escrow in a real estate transaction. However, in practice, it is a custom that the seller choses the escrow company. The listing agent typically helps in making that decision.

What do I have to do while in Escrow?2019-11-14T22:55:25-08:00
Buyer will be responsible for the following wire EMD, complete home inspection, complete appraisal report, sign escrow instructions, and make sure you wire the down payment.
While in escrow process, make sure that the agent that is representing you is explaining the process along the way. You can always call the escrow agent directly if you need any additional information.
Summary In Closing2019-12-11T11:21:02-08:00

In summary understanding the escrow process is very important for a successful closing. Ultimately the agents you hire should be educating, informing and facilitaing the process for you on a daily basis. Our team is commited in guiding you to a successful closing.

Seller Escrow2019-12-11T11:22:57-08:00

Seller is responsible for executing escrow instructions, providing the disclosure documentation via your listing agent making the home available to all inspections and appraisals for the buyer, get the grant deed notarized. Schedule movers to vacate the property in a timely fashion upon closing.

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