What We Do

We provide exceptional Home Services at a high level through partnerships with clients to retain,build and expand their Real Estate portfolio and creating realtionships for life. We have been most promising real estate solutions provider in South Bay CA from last 35 years.

We are able to offer specific programs to our clients that most of the Industry cannot provide. For our sellers our Cosmetic Repair Program gives our clients a competitive advantage in the market place to attain the highest possible value for their property.

For our Buyer’s not only will we perform a thorough MLS search we can customize a plan to locate properties that fit their individual needs. Our call center can find and pinpoint properties that are not readily available on the market.

Most Promising Real Estate Solutions Provider in South Bay CA
Our work ethic and drive gives us a competitive advantage in the market place. We have a full staff of motivated and top performing individuals who all possess a unique skill set that compliment each other.

Our Mission

Commitment-“Creating life long friendships with our clients through hardwork and dedication”.

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The Executive Team

Most Promising Real Estate Solutions Provider in South Bay CA


Senior Consultant

As a Los Angeles native, Michael Delahoussaye learned first hand about the diverse and multicultural neighborhoods that LA has to offer.  From growing up in Gardena and Ladera Heights, to working for the Los Angeles Times and graduating from UCLA, he possesses extensive knowledge, history and passion for the entire Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  Having obtained his license in real estate in 1995, he brings over 24 years of experience as a realtor and in 2007 obtained his real estate broker’s license.  Michael has helped hundreds of families to realize the dream of home ownership and has represented Sellers, Buyers and Investors alike. After experiencing considerable success as a realtor and successfully investing in income property and investing in fix and flip deals, he not only talks the talk, but can also share his experience in walking the walk.  Michael relies on his extensive knowledge of the various real estate transactions, from standard to short sales, probate to conservatorships, and investment to fix and flip sales.  He prides himself on his lengthy experience which translates to excellent negotiation skills to get the deal done, keeping clients informed throughout the transaction, and putting the client’s interest first always.

In 2008 when the market crashed, like many, Michael also experienced some financial hardships and had the unfortunate experience of being a “distressed homeowner” worrying about late payments and the potential loss of  property to foreclosure.  However, being in the real estate business, he learned all of the options and dealt with the treacherous lenders on his own and after countless months, that turned into what seemed like an eternity, he had successfully put himself back on track.  After going through this crazy ordeal on his own and witnessing first hand how ruthless the lenders could be, he decided to assist distressed homeowner’s through this process and help them to prevent foreclosure. Michael finds this to be a very rewarding feeling to help individuals through some of their most difficult times in life.

Michael’s clients range from attorneys and entertainers, to postal workers and teachers, distressed homeowners in fear of foreclosure to first time homebuyers and savvy investors.  He likes to educate his clients on the process so they can feel more involved and knowledgeable once the sale is completed.  Michael attests approximately 80 percent of his business to referrals and repeat business from his clients, family and friends.

real estate solutions provider in South Bay CA | Jorge Alfaro



Jorge Alfaro entered the world of Real Estate in 2007. Jorge has an extraordinary energy and passion towards the business.   He made his first mark in 2009 when he found his niche, right after the housing market collapsed. When most people were getting out of the business, Jorge saw growth and opportunity to help his clientele.

Jorge graduated from California State University of Fullerton in 2009. His education gave him the tools to solve problems and learn about the housing market. After graduating, Jorge went full time into the world of real estate. He saw a need to help rescue struggling families from foreclosure. Jorge was able to help some families retain their homes.  He helped others to wipe out the negative mortgage debt and have a fresh start. His true motivation came from helping others improve their home situation.  He is able to adapt to his clients, meeting their individual needs.

Jorge was part of several multi-million dollar investment real estate companies throughout his real estate career.  He witnessed sophisticated environments at these companies. He was exposed to great systems and processing at a high level.  He was able to climb to the top quickly and was always a noticeable positive force among others.

In the years since, Jorge has helped hundreds of clients from many different backgrounds. Tapping into the high-end market in West Los Angeles, his diverse group of clients range from local first time buyers, sellers, and veteran investors. Jorge is currently part of the leading brokerage, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.  He has one of the top producing teams in the company and unlimited resources for client’s needs.  His main priority is to be loyal and honest with his clients while still giving them candid advice.  Jorge’s great communication skills, customer service and positive energy are what help him lead his team to be one of the best.

real estate solutions provider in South Bay CA | Aaron Ali



Aaron Ali is the son of immigrant parent’s, Aaron know’s the value of hardwork and a “get it done” attitude. He grew up in a household in which his parent’s worked countless hours to put food on the table, clothes on his back and a roof over his head.
Those life lesson’s gave him the perspective that you get out of life what you put in. He started working at an early age of 15 and has not looked back. He is very motivated to service his client’s at the highest level. Knowing that to retain client’s you must make them happy and create a life long relationship.
He is very disciplined in his daily activities from the time his alarm buzzes at 4:30 am to when he tucks his two daughters in at 9:30pm. As a father he instill’s dedication in his young daughters. They have been training combative mixed martial arts for over 5 years and have excelled in and out of the gym.
He has been with his high school sweetheart for over 20 years and she has taught him a lot about himself and what love truly means. A lifelong relationship help’s Aaron with his “why” in life and gives him purpose and continued focus.
Aaron understand’s that everything is about his client’s goals and what their needs are and that by helping them to achieve their goals everything elsewill fall into place.

Our Commitment

Being trusted real estate solutions provider in South Bay CA, we are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

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Most Promising Real Estate Solutions Provider in South Bay CA